Our mission is to facilitate artistic expression by creating an honest and sound body of work, while cultivating the individual’s creative potential. The goal of Ascend Dance Collective is to present diverse works that inspire and excite the North Houston community at large.

Ascend Dance Collective began as the dream of six highly motivated dance artists whose collective motivation was to share their love of dance Witt the greater Houston area. The dancers came together at the Texas Academy of Dance Arts (TADA) located in Oak Ridge North through a modern dance class taught by established dance instructor and choreographer, Donna K. Frogge. After working together for several months, Ascend Dance Collective formed in the spring of 2015. Believing that each member of the company would bring their own unique gifts to the group, the idea of a collective was appealing. Each member is encouraged to choreograph and give input as to the overall theme and vision for Ascend Dance Collective and its performances. The company performs in many different venues throughout Houston and North Houston areas, including Match at Midtown, art galleries, schools and local festivals. It is through these venues that Ascend Dance Collective hopes to demonstrate that modern dance can be entertaining, uplifting, inspiring and accessible to all ages.

Through dance, one sets souls free to soar and express their true nature. Dance allows a free flow of joy and connection as it seeks to flesh out the human experience in all its forms. It is our hope that the connection between Ascend Dance Collective and the community at large will inspire and rejuvenate the spirits of all who attend or take part in our offerings throughout the year.

Please follow us on our Facebook Page to get to know us and keep up to date on performances, projects and photos.

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